Come out to the Gravity Discovery Centre these School Holidays 2nd – 29th January 2022 to take part of our exciting school holiday program!

Wednesdays & Fridays – Rocket Making

Our rocket making workshop is ideal for children aged 6-12 years and gives them an introduction into age appropriate rocket science.

They will start out the session by learning how to make straw rockets that they can launch by blowing on them. They will then advance to making rockets out of 1.25L bottles. Once the bottle rockets have been created, everyone will move outside where they will get to test how their rocket flies, by launching it from our Aqua Pod rocket launchers!

Please bring along an empty 1.25L bottle for this activity.

Space Explorers’ program!

Have your child’s questions and curiosities about space satisfied with our ‘Space Explorers’ program! Perfect for ages 5 and up (and with plenty to interest mums and dads) this program will teach kids all about our local solar system through interactive activities and teach them some of the skills it takes to become an astronaut! This will include interactive lessons and fun activities based around the requirements to become an astronaut!